Background: The Church of Scotland decided to dispose of St Ernan’s Church near Fionnphort on the Isle of Mull. Recognizing the community value of this historic building, a group of local residents established St Ernan’s by the Loch to ensure its preservation under community ownership.

Objective: Create a community-centric website for St Ernan’s by the Loch to communicate the importance of the church, its history, and the ongoing efforts to preserve and develop it. The website aims to engage the local community, garner support, and showcase the vision for the future.


  1. Narrative-driven Content:
    • Developed a narrative-driven content strategy to convey the historical significance of St Ernan’s, emphasizing its 130-year history, community-built origins, and personal connections of local residents.
  2. Vision Statement:
    • Crafted a clear and inspiring vision statement outlining the goals of St Ernan’s by the Loch, emphasizing the intention to preserve and develop the building for diverse cultural, spiritual, and social activities.
  3. Timeline:
    • Created a timeline detailing key milestones in the history of St Ernan’s, allowing visitors to explore its rich heritage and the community’s efforts to ensure its continued existence.
  4. Engagement and Support Section:
    • Integrated sections for community engagement, encouraging visitors to share their personal connections, stories, and support for the preservation and development of St Ernan’s.
  5. Visual Showcase:
    • Developed a visually rich showcase with images of the church and testimonials from community members, highlighting the cultural and personal significance of St Ernan’s.
  6. Donation and Volunteer Sections:
    • Created dedicated sections for donations and volunteer opportunities, making it easy for individuals to contribute to the ongoing preservation and development efforts.
  7. Responsive Design for Inclusivity:
    • Ensured the website is fully responsive, providing a seamless and inclusive experience for visitors on various devices.

Result: The community website for St Ernan’s by the Loch achieved the following outcomes:

  1. Community Engagement:
    • The narrative-driven content and interactive features fostered increased engagement, encouraging community members to actively participate in preserving the church.
  2. Preservation Awareness:
    • The website effectively communicated the historical and cultural significance of St Ernan’s, raising awareness about the importance of preserving this local landmark.
  3. Support and Contributions:
    • Dedicated sections for donations and volunteering streamlined the process for community members to contribute their support and actively participate in the preservation efforts.
  4. Inclusive Information:
    • The website provided inclusive information, welcoming people of all ages, faiths, and backgrounds to explore the heritage and future vision of St Ernan’s by the Loch.

Conclusion: The community website for St Ernan’s by the Loch successfully served as a platform to communicate the historical importance of the church, engage the community, and garner support for its preservation and development. Ongoing updates and community involvement will ensure the website remains a vital tool in the continued efforts to uphold St Ernan’s legacy.

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